Agile BI Platform Design Workshop (5 days)

This workshop will provide a framework for implementing an optimal agile BI platform for your organization that will drive your strategic, tactical, and operational decision-makers to be more flexible and proactive to the dynamic business processes.

We will evaluate the organizational structures, processes, and controls, specific to your organization that are required to support an agile BI framework. We will identify constraints in implementing an agile framework and recommend mitigation options for addressing these constraints. Leveraging our strong competency in SAP HANA, we will design an agile Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) architecture that is flexible and scalable to enable faster response to future changes. Lastly, we design the right self-service approach that will allow your end users to enable self-service analytics and visualization of data.

The key focus areas of this workshop are:

  • Agile Enterprise Data Warehouse driven by SAP HANA
  • Modeling of virtual/logical data marts
  • Data provisioning approaches for unified and virtual access to diverse data
  • Agile project methodology for implementation of Analytics projects
  • Agile Analytics Organization (Center of Excellence)
  • Design of managed self-service including self-serve visualization and data preparation tools such as SAP Lumira and SAP ADP
  • SAP HANA Enabled Agile BI Platform