Developing a Winning SAP HANA Strategy

The move to SAP HANA is on! Does your company have a winning strategy?

The professionals at Archius possess a deep understanding of the challenges associated with the adoption of SAP HANA within an organization.

This knowledge coupled with our unmatched expertise and real world experience working with SAP HANA enables us to assist customers in determining and implementing the best strategy for a successful SAP HANA implementation.

Our SAP HANA Practice offers a broad range of services that can help your organization plan for and implement SAP HANA:


Big Data Analytics

Powered by SAP HANA and Hadoop, we can architect and design a high performance Enterprise Data Warehouse that can unlock the value from your disparate sources of data and enable you to gain deeper and hidden insights into your data to drive competitive advantage.

We can help you combine the in-memory processing power of SAP HANA with Hadoop’s ability to store and process large amounts of data (unstructured, semi-structured or structured) to analyze massive volumes of data at lightning speed in a single reporting platform.

Our technical expertise includes:

  • Architecture and Design of Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Data Modeling with SAP HANA/Hadoop and Virtual Data Warehouse
  • Data Provisioning using SLT, SDI, SDA and BODS
  • Analytics using SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio and Lumira
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data Virtualization

SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering for Multi-Temperature Data Tiering

With increasing adoption of SAP HANA, the biggest challenge customers face is managing the space and cost of SAP HANA in-memory solution. We can help you reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of running an Enterprise Data Warehouse on SAP HANA by designing the right multi-temperature data management solution for your organization.

Our data management strategy is based on two factors – Not all data has the same value and some data has lower latency requirements. We help you understand the value of data and make decisions on whether to store the data in-memory or disk or extended storage. We can help you design a technical landscape and architecture that supports your data management strategy.


SAP HANA Packaged Services

SAP HANA Development Framework Workshop (2 Days)

Learn the optimal approach to leveraging SAP HANA in your development environment to build simplified and scalable solutions. Get insight to leading strategies to implement a quality assurance and oversight framework for your SAP HANA Development environment. Understand the changes needed to get your organization ready for SAP HANA development. Learn how to be agile with SAP HANA development.

SAP HANA Architecture and Planning Workshop (4 Days)

With a proven methodology and structured format, we assess your current landscape and SAP BW implementation to develop a plan for migrating to SAP HANA. This workshop includes an onsite assessment of your Infrastructure and BI Landscape, a preliminary sizing estimate, a high-level SAP HANA Migration Plan and a fixed bid proposal for the migration.

SAP HANA Use Case Development Workshop (5 days)

Using a structured process and methodology.we can assist your organization in determining if there is a supporting business case for investing in SAP HANA. If indeed there is a supporting business case,we can help you build a comprehensive business plan and use case to support such an investment.


Please contact us to learn more about how our team of experts can help you with the assessment, adoption and deployment of SAP HANA and support your SAP HANA driven business transformation initiatives.