S/4HANA Analytics

SAP S/4HANA is the next generation, intelligent ERP for the digital era that will enable organizations to reach new levels of productivity, efficiency and customer engagement while maximizing resources and operational agility. As people, business and things become increasingly interconnected in the digital ecomnomy, SAP S/4HANA can be the engine that will disrupt existing business models, uncover new opportunities and drive smarter and intelligent business processes – Analytics on SAP S/4HANA will be key to achieving thses benefits and can be the crowning jewel of yoyur SAP S/4HANA investemnt! Archius can help in this journey.

Our Analytics Practice offers a broad range of services that can help your organization plan for and implement SAP S/4HANA Analytics:

S/4HANA Analytics Strategy and Roadmap

Coaching on methodology and approach for designing analytics solutions on SAP S/4HANA

Design of SAP S/4HANA Real Time Analytics Architecture

Technical Expertise on FIORI Apps

Integration with other SAP tools for datat warehousing, business intelligence, and predictive analytics

Enterprise Data Warehouse Architecture for S/4HANA


  • Understand the potential of SAP S/4HANA Analytics as the foundation to the intelligent ERP
  • Plot a path for your organization to integrate S/4HANA analytics into business operations and decision making
  • Assess the impact of SAP S/4HANA on your overall analytics and reporting landscape
  • Develop a roadmap for analytics that is consistent with the advanced capabilities of SAP S/4HANA
  • Address the role of Enterprise Data Warehouse in the era of S/4HANA Analytics

Key Takeaways:

  • Assessment of your current analytics state and readiness for S/4HANA Analytics
  • High-level analytics and reporting roadmap for S/4HANA
  • Unified architecture for operational and strategic analytics
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse architecture for S/$HANA
  • High-level approach and methodology for implementing S/4HANA Analytics to drive instant contextualized insights that will, in turn, drive action
  • A clear understanding on how to leverage analytics to be truly transformational with you S/4HANA implementation.
  • What should be my future analytics roadmap in the era of S/4HANA?
  • How do we start the S/4HANA Analytics roadmap?
  • Operational Analytics vs Strategic Analytics?
  • Will we need to migrate all of our analytics to S/4HANA Analytics?
  • How can analytics drive smart and intelligent business processes?
  • How do we leverage S/4HANA Embedded Analytics to drive contextualized and real-time insights?
  • How do end users consume analytics in S/4HANA?
  • How does S/4HANA Analytics impact my analytics landscape
  • What are the benefits of HANA EDW or BW/4HANA?
  • What happens to my SAP BW/BI Tools investments?
  • How will S/4HANA Embedded Analytics integrate with the other analytics processes and tools?

SAP S/4HANA comes with powerful analytics capabilities – analytics tools, content and processes that can be leveraged to get a complete picture of operations and use customer insights to help marketing, sale and service teams work more productively, grow revenue and acclerate opportunities. SAP S/4HANA embedded Analytics, a set of Analytical Features integrated in SAP S/4HANA, enables real time analytics on live transactional data allowing for integrating analytics deeper within business applications to deliver contextualized insights that drive action.

Best-in-class analytical capabilities on SAP S/4HANA can deliver insights and intelligence that will arm organizations with differentiating capabilities to do more with less, automate processes, impress customers, empower employees, and create revenue.

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Oil & Gas Downstream Company – Delivering Embedded Insights for Business Processes

Major Oil & Gas Company undertaking a digital ERP transformation project with S/4HANA

Key Objectives

  • Effectively leverage analytics to transform business processes
  • Quicker access to insight to drive decisions
  • Develop ‘intelligent’ processes
  • Analytics an as enabler for live business – eg: Supply Chain Tracking, Cognitive Decision Making Assistant

Key Accomplishments:

  • Formulated a strategy and methodology for transitioning to S/4HANA analytics
  • Analyzed and provided recommendations on delivering embedded insights on Supply Chain processes
  • Developed a methodology for gathering requirements for Embedded Analytics based on three key questions:
    • What decisions are made in support of the business processes?
    • What insights are needed to make effective decisions?
    • Who makes the decisions?

Transforming Oil & Gas supply chain with embedded insights-


Oil & Gas Major – Defining the role of Enterprise Data Warehouse for SAP S/4HANA Implementation

Key Challenges

  • How to leverage existing EDW (SAP BW + SAP HANA Sidecar) in conjunction with S/4HANA Embedded Analytics
  • Most effective method of implementing advanced analytics and big data scenarios
  • Keep existing reporting platform, including EDW or build new EDW platform?
  • How to handle all the data silos and departmental BI applications

Key Accomplishments

  • Developed a best-in-class architecture for an unified analytics platform to deliver operational and strategic analytics
  • Defined the integration approach for all business applications – SAP and non-SAP into a single SAP S/4HANA + BW/4HANA platform
  • Outlined the approach for accessing data sources – relational, OLAP, and big data
  • Developed strategy for delivering advanced analytics – Predictive, Prescriptive & Machine Learning