SAP Trader’s & Scheduler’s Workbench (TSW) Analytics

SAP TSW Marine Analytics Solution will extend high quality, actionable supply chain operational information to Analysts, Planners, Schedulers, Dock operators and Inventory & Refinery Optimization groups to support effective decision-making and operational strategy setting. Using flexible report structures, analysts and planners can monitor supply chain activity at every process step and provide feedback on an ongoing basis as well as at periodic review points.

The core TSW Marine analytics solution will be delivered using three main Analytics Dashboards:

Voyage tracking dashboard

Tracking of marine vessels on a dashboard with a world marine route map for visualization. Drill down to a detailed vessel position report. Key benefits include real-time visibility of vessel positions driving operational decision making on berth allocation, inventory handling and refinery operations.

Voyage/Operational analytics

KPIs on entire voyage of a marine vessel and/or KPIs on overall supply chain operations. Key benefits include ability to analyze supply chain inefficiencies and identify bottlenecks that need to be streamlined for efficient operations.

Laytime/Demurrage analytics

KPIs to track demurrage exposure and detailed analysis of reasons for demurrage. Key benefits includes demurrage cost reduction and ability to do detailed analysis of claims by external entities.

We realize that the transportation of crude oil and contract terms vary by companies and by region so the analytical needs also are different from company to company. The Archius TSW Marine Analytics solution that comes out of the box is scalable, flexible and customizable based on requirements of individual companies.

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Business Benefits

Operational Efficiency

  • Identify and address the root cause of unplanned costs in the Oil & Gas Marine Transportation
  • Highlight deviations in supply chain from plans and illuminate trouble points
  • Ability to rapidly respond to real world scenarios with real time data visibility and ability to perform “what if” scenarios to quickly adjust operating plans
  • Ability to plan and optimize crude supplies, production and refined demand in an integrated and optimal manner
  • Visibility of end to end data flow – from contracts to shipments
  • Perform strategic planning and supply chain optimization

Cost Savings leading to margin improvements

  • Capability for operational analysis and greater visibility to facilitate better tactical and strategic decision making in reducing inventory, lowering demurrage costs and analyzing voyage loss
  • Better insights into the delays in supply chain leading to efficient berth handling and claim handling resulting in savings
  • Demurrage cost reduction
  • Inventory position insights lead to efficient handling of refinery resources resulting in cost savings