ChartsPLUS™ for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

Awesome Charts in a Snap!

Archius ChartsPLUS™ is an add-on software product that greatly enhances the visualization capabilities of SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, while reducing the overall time required to develop dashboards.



Key Features


  • Bullet Charts
  • Gauges
  • Combination Charts
  • Funnel & Pyramid


  • Show / Hide axis
  • Zoom Axis
  • Flexible color selection
  • Conditional formatting
  • Hierarchy Support
  • Better design time & runtime control

Accelerate Dashboard Delivery

  • Faster delivery for new charts & advanced features
  • Reduce time spent on formatting using CSS Leverage pre-cofigured palettes & themes
  • Share chart features with other developers
  • Highly customizable visualization framework

Increase User Adoption

  • Easy to use charts
  • Additional chart types & properties that help close the gaps in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
  • Better user experience
  • Charts easily downloaded as images & can be used in presentations

ChartsPLUS offers endless customizations all within an easy to use point-and-click component. We are now able to build advanced visualizations within second’s verses having to rely upon heavy usage of CSS styles and coding.With that, we can confidently present beautiful applications with meaningful visualizations.

Michael Joiner – Data Specialist
FMC Technologies, Inc.

The ease of use and array of features ChartsPLUS offers makes it a valuable analytics plugin that is helping us develop visually intuitive dashboards and increase the user adoption of Design Studio within the organization.ChartsPLUS enables our business to visualize new trends in their data and has added a new dimension of value to our BI offerings that will deliver information in a consistent and standard look and feel with stunning visualizations.

Ram Dev – Director, BI HANA

ChartsPLUS™ is a comprehensive add-on for SAP Design Studio which has super charged our ability to start delivering modern dashboards right away.

RAJAN PATEL – Sr. BI Developer

Download our fully functional free trial and in minutes you’ll be creating state of the art interactive data visualizations.
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Features ChartPLUS™ Design
Conditional Formatting yes yes
Advanced Conditional Formatting yes
Axis Zoom yes
Show / Hide series based on legend click yes
Logarithmic scale yes
Multi Axis (more than 2) yes
Adjust series width yes
Hierarchy based drilldown yes
Export as Image / PDF (no server add-on) yes
Annotation for Charts yes
Guides / Goals yes
Max. and Min. values for Axis yes yes
Custom name for data series yes
Advanced formatting for Legend yes
Pre-delievered themes yes
Custom Bullets for data points yes
Custom series colors for combo charts yes
Axis Formatting yes yes
Advanced formatting for Axis yes
Local Projection for data sources yes
Pre-defined Color Palettes yes
Custom Number formatting yes
Events yes yes
Custom comments / labels in Charts yes
Data driven bands for gauges yes
Runtime API for Advanced Properties (500+) yes
Cursor based zoom yes
Chart Type ChartPLUS™ Design
Angular Gauge yes
Cylinder Gauge yes
Horizontal Bullet Charts yes
Vertical Bullet Charts yes
Column / Step yes
Column / Line yes yes
Step / Line yes
Bar / Line yes
Bar / Step yes
Column Stacked / Line yes
Stacked Column Clustered Line yes
Stacked Bar / Line yes
Area / Column yes
Area / Bar yes
Spark Line yes
Column yes yes
Bar yes yes
Line yes yes
Smooth Line yes
Step yes
Area yes yes
Pie yes yes
Donut yes yes
Funnel yes
Pyramid yes
Bubble yes yes
Scatter plot yes yes