GeoSpatialPLUS for SAP Lumira Designer

GeoSpatialPLUS is a Geo Visualization extension for SAP Lumira Designer which greatly enhances the geo visualization capabilities of SAP Lumira Designer. GeoSpatialPLUS allows BI designers without any GIS knowledge to create stunning maps within SAP Lumira Designer using the existing datasets without any additional data preparation. There are several options to customize the maps and also add high level of interactivity to the maps all from within Lumira Designer.


Key Features

Advanced Geo Visualization Capabilities

Global Coverage for Country, Region/State, City, Zip Code and Address. Support for marker, shape, density, bubble and clusters are available out of the box.

Support for Multiple Layers and Datasources

GeoSpatialPLUS supports multiple datasources and layers for each component making it highly efficient and helps with the overall performance of the application.

Advanced Geocoding

GeoSpatialPLUS provides the ability for advanced Geocoding of various geographical information including physical address, US Zip codes/County/Metro area, States, Country etc. For the standard regions no external shape file or GeoJSON file is required.

Advanced Properties

GeoSpatialPLUS provides more than 100 properties which can be used for creating highly customized map. SAP Lumira Designers can change the various properties from the SAP Fiori based Advanced Property Sheet available within SAP Lumira Designer.

Advanced Formatting

GeoSpatialPLUS provides advanced formatting options including conditional formatting based on threshold values.

Google Maps Integration

Access to Google Maps services including street view, drive time, zoom in/out etc.

Tight integration with SAP Lumira Designer

GeoSpatialPLUS provides tight integration with SAP Lumira Designer standard components and provides the ability for bi-directional communication for filter and drilldown.

Low Cost of Ownership

GeoSpatialPLUS brings rich GIS capabilities to SAP Lumira Designer without significant investment on GIS assets or training leveraging the proven CMaps Analytics and Google Maps platform.

Features SAP Lumira Designer GeoSpatialPLUS
GeoCoding yes
Multiple Datasource Support yes yes
Advanced Conditional Formatting yes
Support for Shape layer yes yes
Support for ZIP Codes, County, Metro area out of the box yes
Integration with other Lumira Designer Components yes yes
Satellite Maps yes
Street View yes
Advanced Visualization Layers yes
Drillable Maps yes yes
Multiple Layers yes yes
Chloropeths yes yes
Heatmap yes
Custom Region/Territories yes yes
Mobile Support yes yes
Advanced Formatting yes
High Resolution Aerial photography yes
Icon Styling yes
Extensible with 3rd party GIS layers yes
Analysis Widget yes
Define initial/custom zoom level yes
Define default location yes