Excel Data in Design Studio:  ChartsPLUS provides the ability to use local data from Excel or CSV files in Design Studio to do quick prototyping.  Please see steps below for using local data for ChartsPLUS visualizations.

  • After adding ChartsPLUS component to the analysis application, navigate to ChartsPLUS additional properties>> Data>>Dummy Data. Under Dummy Dataset property select Local Data.

Selecting Dummy Data

  • Open Excel file and select the cells containing your desired data that need to be assigned to ChartsPLUS component in Design Studio.

Selecting Excel Data

  • Copy the cells and paste it in Local Data Text tab under Local data of ChartsPLUS additional Properties.

Setting Local Data

  • The data that is added from Excel to Local Data Text is presented in Tabular form in Local Data Grid, where you can edit the values of  the measures and also have other editing options like:
    • Edit the names of the Columns
    • Insert a new Column before or after a selected Column
    • Delete a Column

Local Editing

  • Select the type of Chart and specify the General properties under Data tab, which enables to visualize the data in ChartsPLUS component in Design Studio.

General Properties Units Returned

ChartsPLUS component displaying the selected measure (Units Returned) values in Single Series Chart.

For additional information on ChartsPLUS and to download a free trial click here