Archius ChartsPLUS™ is an add-on software product that greatly enhances the visualization capabilities of SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio.

ChartsPLUS provides you the ability to control the various chart properties during runtime using BI Action Language (BIAL). In this blog, we will look at how you can use ChartsPLUS properties and BIAL to create more flexible charts.

Switching Measures in ChartsPLUS: Based on the requirement, you can switch measures during runtime of the application in the ChartsPLUS component. After adding a ChartsPLUS component and assigning a datasource to it, select the required measures you want to add to ChartsPLUS ( In this case add all three measures) and click OK.

Set the Chart type as Single Series Column 2D Chart and Navigate to ChartsPLUS Additional properties>> Data>>General

Select Key Figures as Series Dimension from the dropdown.

Series Dimension

Single/X Series dropdown displays all the measures that are selected in Charts Selection property, Select any one measure as it is a single series Chart (In this case select Net Value).

SingleX Series

Select Product Category as Plot Dimension.

Plot Dimension

Set Aggregation method as SUM from the available Aggregation Methods.


Now copy the text that is displayed at Chart Selection property and paste it in a word document.

Character ID

Charater ID of Measures and Dimension

This above text includes 25 digit Character ID’s of all the Dimensions and Measures that are assigned to the ChartsPLUS. In general the first 25 digit alphanumeric is the Character ID of Dimension which is followed by Measures Character ID’s in the order they were selected in the Select Data dialog box.

Add the Basic Component Radio button box to the analysis application and in the Edit Items  dialog box of Radio Button,  insert 25 digits Character ID of Key Figures as Value and name of the Key figure as Text.

Edit Items

Now add the following script to the script editor of the Radio button box which enables to change the measure that is displayed in ChartsPLUS during runtime of the application.


Scripting in Radio button

To change the Chart title dynamically on selection of a measure, add the following script in Script editor of the Radio Button Box.

CHARTSPLUS_1.setProperty(“ChartTitle”, RADIOBUTTONGROUP_1.getSelectedValue());

Setting Dynamic Title

On executing the application and selecting Transport cost item in Radio button box changes the measure to Transport cost in ChartsPLUS. Similarly on selecting Net Value and Production Cost items in Radio button enables to display respective measure values in ChartsPLUS.

Selecting Transport Cost Measure

Selecting Production Cost Measure

Show/Hide Legend in ChartsPLUS: You can Show or Hide ChartsPLUS legend during run time of the application. Add a Check box component to the analysis application, rename the text of the component to “Hide Legend” and add the following script to the script editor of the Check box component.

if ((CHECKBOX_1.isChecked())) {CHARTSPLUS_1.setShowLegend(false); } else {CHARTSPLUS_1.setShowLegend(true); }

Scripting in Check box

Legend is Visible

Legend Hidden

During the run time of the application on enabling the checkbox the above script is triggered and the Legend in the ChartsPLUS component is hidden and disabling it shows Legend.

Adaptive Axis Values: Setting Adaptive Axis values will let the chart to adjust the chart axis values based on the input data provided to the chart. After adding ChartsPLUS component and assigning data source to it, add a Radio button box and set up the items and add the following script to it.

var a=RADIOBUTTONGROUP_1.getSelectedValue(); if ((a==”With Adaptive axis”))

{CHARTSPLUS_1.setPropertyBoolean(“setAdaptiveYMin”, true); } else{ CHARTSPLUS_1.setPropertyBoolean(“setAdaptiveYMin”, false); }


On clicking “With Adaptive axis” item on Radio button box during run time of the application, the chart adjusts the Y axis based on assigned data enabling to have a better visualization of data.


Without Adaptive axis

With Adaptive axis

Other Specific API Properties of ChartsPLUS:

  • getCategoryDimension: Enable to return the Category Dimension.
  • getShowLabels:  Enable to return the Label that is clicked.
  • getShowValues: Enable to return the data plot values that is selected.
  • getlableclicked: Enable to get the last label clicked.
  • setCategoryDimension: Enable to set a dimension to the Chart.
  • setPaletteColors: Enable to set colors to the palette by using hexa color codes.
  • setProperty: Enable to set a property as String. You can set around 100 different properties with ChartsPLUS using this API. Some of the examples include:  Setting Axis Values, Show/Hide Legend,  enable Regression lines, enable Trend line etc.
  • setPropertyBoolean: Enable to set a property as Boolean.
  • setShowLabels: Enable to Show or Hide the labels in the plot.
  • setShowValues: Enable to show or Hide data values in the plot.


For additional information on ChartsPLUS and to download a free trial click here