A Combination Chart consists of a chart that has more than one type of graph and/or more than one value axis. ChartsPLUS offers users the option to build Combination Charts in either design-time or run-time. In this blog we will build a Stacked Combined Column Line Combination Chart, at design-time, using the ChartsPLUS Wizard. (Note: Refer to our other blog here to learn how to build a Combination Chart at run-time.)

You can view an online demo of this process below:


In this example we will be creating a Combination Chart to compare Sales, Costs (Consisting of multiple measures: Storage Cost, Transport Cost and COGS) and Gross Margin %. Let us use the following Chart as shown below:



After clicking on the Chart and navigating to Additional Properties, click on the Chart Selection tab and from the dropdown select Wizards>> Combination Chart.



To create a ChartsPLUS chart with multiple graphs corresponding to multiple value axes, in the Combination Chart Wizard pop-up window that appears, under Wizard Parameters, perform the following actions. Set Net Sales as a standalone column and set Storage Cost, Transport Cost and COGS as stackable columns as they are all relatively small values. To do this check the Stackable checkbox besides each of the Measures.

We also want to display Gross Margin % on a separate Value Axis and as a different graph type. To do this set the Gross Margin % measure Graph Type option to Line. Also check the Secondary Axis checkbox.

Finally, to change the text of the Measure name in the output we go to the COGS measure and alter the Text property to say Unit Cost. Click Apply.



The resultant data is shown in the form of a Combination Chart as shown below. Here the Net Sales, Storage Cost, COGS(Unit Cost) and Transport Cost measures correspond to the Value Axis on the left while the Gross Margin % corresponds to the Value Axis on the right.



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