In the previous blog, we looked at the methods to create and configure individual graphs in an Analysis Application. We will now continue working on the same Application to work towards modifying the Category Axis and also delve into methods to add and configure one or more Value Axes.

Let us open up the same Application we created in the last blog and under Additional Properties go to CONFIG>>Axes>>Category Axis. Under Labels set the Label Rotation field to 45 degrees and toggle the Bold Labels option ON.



Under CONFIG>> Axes>> Value Axes, right click on the ‘+’ sign beside ValueAxis Items and click on Add New ValueAxis.



Under General set the Id as ValueAxis and Title as Inverted. Check the Title Bold and Reversed checkboxes. Set the Position to Right.



Click on the Execute Locally button to execute the application. The charts appears as shown below:



For additional information on ChartsPLUS and to download a free trial click here.