Archius ChartsPLUS™ is an add-on software product that greatly enhances the visualization capabilities of SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, while reducing the overall time required to develop dashboards. With the addition of more than 60 chart types and the ability to modify nearly 250 different chart properties, developers can design state of the art visualizations to meet almost any business need. Developers are also provided with an API library that can be used for further extending charting capabilities and more importantly the ability to modify chart properties during runtime.

In this blog we learn about the basic methods of creating and configuring your Analysis Application. We utilize some of the Additional Properties under the GENERAL and CONFIG tabs that are accessible upon creating a ChartsPLUS chart.

Add a ChartsPLUS 3.0 component to the Application and assign the Data Source to the Chart. (In this case the Assigned data source has two Measures namely Sales and Quantity.)



The data in the data source is displayed in the Chart as shown below. These are the Default Graphs.



Now click go to Config>>Graphing>>Graphs and under Utilities click Generate>> Generate New Graphs. This generates graphs for both our measures.



Click on Column 0 under Graphing>> Graphs. Under General properties set the ID property as “1”, and Title as “Sales”. Also toggle the Show Value Labels property ON.



Under the Appearance tab, set the Column Width as 50%, Corner Radius Top as 5, and Fill Alpha as 75%.



Observe all the changes made to our initial Sales Graph represented in the Chart as shown:


Click on Column 1 and under the General tab set the Id as 2 and Title as Quantity. Set the Type to Line.



Under Appearance set Dash Length to 3 and Fill Alpha to 0%. Under Fill Colors increase the Line Thickness to 3.



Under the Selected Graph tab, set the General properties as shown below:



Execute the application and click on any Column. Notice how the column, the value label and the column outline change to the color we set, as shown below (Here we have clicked on the Poulty Column):


Graphs can be similarly customized by using the Additional Properties displayed in the Graphs section of ChartsPLUS.

For additional information on ChartsPLUS and to download a free trial click here.